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Children in the Garden
  • How do we apply for a grant?
    Please click here to be sure that the following guidelines are followed. The SKETCH Foundation appreciates organizations that are well organized, at least 3 years old and in good financial standing.

  • What are the SKETCH Foundation's funding priorities?
    Do these change?

    The SKETCH Foundation grants focus on compelling needs of children, youth and families that have sustainable solutions. We focus on three main areas: Health, Education and the Arts. The SKETCH Foundation's priorities do change and may be updated so please check the website for any potential differences.

  • Does the SKETCH Foundation focus on a particular geographic area?
    The SKETCH Foundation supports 501(c)(3) charitable organizations in the United States of America.

  • May we send a letter on inquiry via e-mail or fax?
    You may send an email to with a request for information or questions you may have. A letter of inquiry may also be sent through the mail. Grant applications at this time may only be sent through the mail.

  • Do you have deadlines for submitting letters of inquiry?
    No, there are no deadlines. The SKETCH Foundation accepts letters of inquiry throughout the year. Grants are made a minimum of twice a year in July and November. Staff completes initial review within 4-6 weeks after receipt of an application. Request for proposals are sent at that time to selected organizations, as appropriate. Please do not send an unsolicited proposal.

  • May we come and make a presentation about our project to the SKETCH Foundation or may we have a program officer visit our organization/institution?
    If you are selected to submit a full proposal, the SKETCH Foundation's staff may request a site visit. It is not possible for staff to visit every site. Further information will be requested, if needed, but we do not accept any presentations related to grant requests.

  • If we receive a declination letter, may we submit another letter of inquiry? When?
    You will need to wait a year from the date that the declination letter was received but please be careful to not submit the same or similar request the following year.

  • We have multiple needs, may we submit a request for all of them?
    The SKETCH Foundation requests that only one need be submitted at a time. Only one request per 12-month period will be considered. We suggest you make it your most compelling need.

  • May we attach additional information to our letter of inquiry such as a video, audited financials, letters of support, etc?
    Please do not attach supplemental materials to your letter of inquiry. If you are selected to submit a full proposal additional materials that we require will be requested.


  • Does the SKETCH Foundation do site visits?

    The SKETCH Foundation staff will request a site visit if it has been determined that it is necessary.

  • If we think we have a good fit with the SKETCH Foundation, whom should we call?

    Please submit a letter of inquiry or email and go through the regular procedures. Meetings with the SKETCH Foundation staff are generally discouraged. We try to ensure that all projects receive equal attention.

  • What is the maximum amount the SKETCH Foundation funds? How do we determine how much to request?

    The SKETCH Foundation has not set a maximum amount that may be requested, but generally funds between $5,000-25,000 per grant depending on the specific needs of the project. The SKETCH Foundation looks at the overall amount needed for a specific project. We expect you to show substantial support from internal sources as well as external sources and have a good record of additional fundraising.

  • How do we check on the status of our letter of inquiry/application?

    You may email Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for review.

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