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PLEASE NOTE: The SKETCH Foundation offices have moved to Texas. Grant applications are on hold until further notice.


Application Procedure

The SKETCH Foundation accepts and processes letters of inquiry throughout the year with no deadlines.

If your organization meets the SKETCH Foundation's guidelines and you are interested in acquainting the SKETCH Foundation with your organization, please send a preliminary letter of inquiry (not to exceed two pages) that must include the following information:

  • Purpose and history of your organization or institution

  • Brief description of proposed project

  • Geographic area and population served

  • Specific amount you are requesting including budget


Letters of inquiry should be sent to:

Grant applications are on hold until further notice.

Please do not send an unsolicited proposal.

If the initial review of your materials indicates a good match with the SKETCH Foundation's current funding priorities, the SKETCH Foundation will request a formal proposal.

If you receive a letter of declination, you must wait 12 months from the date of declination before contacting the SKETCH Foundation again.


The SKETCH Foundation staff will initiate calls to discuss letters of inquiry, as necessary. Contact with the organization generally will be made within six weeks of receiving a letter of inquiry to advise whether or not to send a full proposal. If a formal application is requested, a site may visit will be arranged by the SKETCH Foundation staff.

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