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Kids Running


PLEASE NOTE: The SKETCH Foundation offices have moved to Texas. Grant applications are on hold until further notice.


The SKETCH Foundation grants focus on compelling needs of children and youth that have sustainable solutions that better their lives now and as they become adults.

General Guidelines
The SKETCH Foundation looks for the following in its consideration to make a grant:

  • Programs that will make a measurable difference

  • Programs that are collaborative or will multiply the SKETCH Foundation’s gift

  • Organizations/institutions that will not rely on continued dependence from the SKETCH Foundation

  • Organizations/institutions that are consistent with the mission of the SKETCH Foundation

  • Organizations/institutions that have a history of good management and financial condition


Qualification and Program Limitations
Grants are usually awarded for a specified period. Limited multi-year grants are given but the SKETCH Foundation generally does not approve grants on a continuing annual basis. The SKETCH foundation supports qualified tax-exempt charitable organizations in the United States. Grants tend to be project based. The SKETCH Foundation does not fund:


  • Endowment

  • Religious Groups

  • Individuals (except as permitted by the IRS)

  • Political campaigns, candidates or organizations involved in these organizations

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